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Please read the following information carefully and inform the tattoo artist if you have any doubts about your suitability to be tattooed.

Tattooing and the healing process can come with risks and potential complications, as will be explained to you.
You will be given aftercare instructions with your tattoo to help you minimize the effects.
It is normal for tattooing to be accompanied by pain, redness and swelling.
If these symptoms worsen during the healing process, it could be a sign of an infection and you should see a doctor.
Some complications may be related to your health situation.
It is important for your safety that the tattoo artist is informed.
Additional precautions may be required. Tattoos are permanent and depending on the ink used, they may not be removed properly.
In case of doubt, treatment should be postponed and medical advice should be requested.


Do not get a tattoo:
If you are pregnant or breast-feeding;

If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

On a mole or a scar left over from the removal of a melanoma.

The following condition or conditions may carry a higher risk of complications:
a) skin infection regardless of location and type of infection
b) allergies (indicate if you have an allergy, e.g. latex allergy, allergy to metals and preservatives)
c) areas of skin that appear damaged or abnormal, including moles
d) any skin diseases that are active (e.g. eczema, psoriasis)
e) areas of skin that have been subjected to plastic surgery or radiotherapy including recent scars and keloids (according to medical advice)
f) a previously tattooed area that has not yet fully healed
g) an area where a tattoo has recently been lasered or removed by another method if the wound has not yet healed
2) General conditions:
a) haemophilia or other coagulation disease
b) epilepsy , cardiovascular disease
c) known allergies (e.g. latex allergy)
d) diabetes
e) an autoimmune disease
f) immune disorder Regression and Immune System Compromise
g) Sarcoidosis

If any of the above conditions or conditions apply to you and you still want a tattoo, please consult your doctor and seek advice.


The usage of alcohol or drugs or smoking inside the studio is strictly forbidden.

No Tattoos under the age of 18.

Any Hate speech, racism, sexism, discrimination will not be tollerated.

We only tattoo after you filled out the complete consent form even as signing the weaver.

The aftercare instructions will be given to you on paper at the end of the tattoo session.

We do not recommand tattoos on skin area’s such as: soft tissue, side of the fingers, palm/ sole etc.

Personal hygiene is a must.

Tempest Tattoo Studio always has the right to ask the Client to show valid proof of identity, to file document number, and to keep it filed. If the

Client does not show valid proof of identity, Tempest Tattoo Studio has the right to refuse the client.

The studio is a safe place which means having a quiet and positive attitude is a must.

We ask you kindly not to bring children or pets.

Do not bring more than one person to the tattoo session with you, the space is limited.

Down payment is required to secure and confirm your booking and it will be included within the final price of your tattoo.

Deposits are only refundable under extreme circumstances. No show or cancellation means deposit is lost.

We have the right to cancel your tattoo session if you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Tempest Tattoo Studio is not responsible for the meaning of a symbol, or mis-spelling of text. you should always double check.

Tempest Tattoo Studio and their artists are not responsible for any allergy or skin reacti- on that might occur from using tattoo ink or tattoo materials.

As specified by GGD and all needles and cartridges we use are high quality, sterile and dis- posable and the Ink is EU REACH approved, Vegan friendly.

Tempest Tattoo Studio is certified by GGD and registered by RIVM under the name of Tempest Tattoo Studio you will find our studio on the govnerment website:

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