Welcome to my website!

WitchingHour tattoos has been creating distinctive tattoos since Halloween 2016. With the mission to create unique, full custom and artistic tattoos.

My name is Bobby Grey, born in The Netherlands. I am a resident tattooist at a lovely shop called 'Dermadonna Custom Tattoos' in the old city centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (see map in contact page.)


The style I like to do most is unique, abstract, color-abstract, sketchy, avant-garde, trash, and ofcourse blackwork tattooing.

But i'm always open to discuss any other ideas with you!

In our little shop we know exactly how we can put you at ease so that you feel comfortable during the entire process. So even if it is your first time, you are in good hands.
I always like to take the time to explain every detail to you. Whenever that is during tattooing, with the design or answering your questions.
Feel free to visit us and make your body art dreams a reality!


Best regards,

Bobby Grey

IG: witchinghourNL

Facebook: Witchinghour



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Bobby Grey

Tattooist and owner of WITCHINGHOUR.