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My name is Bobby Grey, born in 1989, in a small town in The Netherlands.
Co-Owner of Tempest Tattoo Studio, Amsterdam.

I studied Graphic design in Amsterdam, shortly after worked as graphic designer , but as creative it may seem it was not at all.
So i left that aside and focussed fully on making art art and starting tattooing.

I opend my compagny in 2016 and been Full time professional tattooer and contemporary artist since.

In september 2023 Claudia and me opened our own tattoo studio; Tempest Tattoo Studio.
You can find me almost daily in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, in the tattoo shop or making art.


For tattoos I am Specialised in:
Solid Black-Out Tattoos, Heavy Blackwork, Custom Tattoos,
Abstract, Graphic, Sketchy, Avant-Garde and Trash Tattooing!

For me tattoos are a form of art, and can be made in a diffrent way , it should be unique, one of a kind, specially made for you.

As always I am open to discuss any other ideas with you! Just send me an E-mail with your tattoo wishes.

I am a resident tattooist at a High quality custom tattoo shop called 'Dermadonna Custom Tattoos for many years.
Located in the old city centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (see map in contact page.)

In our little tattoo shop we know exactly how we can put you at ease so that you feel comfortable during the entire process. So even if it is your first time, you are in good hands.

I always like to take the time to explain every detail to you and answering all your questions you may have.
Feel free to visit me in the Shop and make your tattoo dreams a reality!


In my free time I am always busy making designs for tattoos or making Art.
Since very young age I am always been busy drawing, painting and creating, mostly of my art is abstract, dark art, modern art.

I did multiple Art expositions and markets in The Netherlands and Belgium.

since 2022 im also most likely to be found at "De Duystere Markt" .
Which is a "dark market"  where you can find all dark/obscure art, taxidermy, skulls etc.


The paintings i make now a days are mostly watercolor/gouace, acrylic, mixed media, oil and spraypaint.
I also work on commission, if you have something in mind always feel free to send me an E-mail with your wishes.

In early 2022 I was invited to take place in the Art-Battle Amsterdam, which was a cool painting event located at Pllek in Amsterdam-Noord.
There were 2 rounds of 20 minutes live painting sessions with silent auction.

Happy to tell you both rounds i won! and both paintings were sold directly during the event.
Now i am invited for the Finals in Tokyo, Japan!

Best regards,

Bobby Grey,
Co-owner Tempest Tattoo Studio

IG: witchinghourNL

Facebook: WitchinghourNL



Bobby Grey, Tattooer .PNG

Bobby Grey
owner of WitchingHour Tattoo

Resident Tattooist at Dermadonna Custom Tattoos since 2018.

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